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Software Development India

Outsourcing software development to India used to generally involve outsourcing the coding of a project. Perceived as non core and requiring relatively lower skills, this sort of work was the staple requirement of companies outsourcing software development to India. However, as India's reputation as an attractive offshore destination has been established, so has its reputation for quality and creativity. Global customers have become more comfortable with outsourcing to India and Indian software companies have gained expertise and expanded their range of services to offer much more than just coding. Creating unique custom made solutions to cater to varying requirements is what Indian companies are offering. This issue focuses on what Indian companies can offer in terms of custom software development.

Moving up the value chain

Offshore software development in India has evolved as software developers move up the value chain to offer custom software development. India emerged as a software service exporter in the late 1980s and early 1990s with the country's transition from centralized planning to a market-oriented economy. Today Indian companies have the lion's share in the global outsourcing market and compete with leading multinational suppliers across the IT solutions spectrum. More Details

July 2004

Approximately one third of Indian programmers today are women. In fact, NASSCOM puts the figure at 38%, which is a higher figure than their western counterparts.

India's software industry is expanding by almost 45% each year. By 2008, software exports from India are expected to reach $50 billion.

Custom Software Development
More and more Fortune 500 companies are outsourcing software development to India. A strong supply of high-class programming talent, favorable government and tax incentives, and the ability to work efficiently with international time zones are some of the reasons why India is an attractive destination for offshore software development. By outsourcing their software development needs, companies can focus more on their core competencies and rely on service providers to manage critical, non-core processes for them. More Details on Software Development.

Inventory Management Software and Customer Order Tracking
Interested in making all your products and services available to your customers the moment they ask for them? Yes, it is possible with the Internet today. Customer orders drive a supply chain. Forecast demand, replenish inventory and schedule production and transportation automatically and make these operations visible to every one in the organization.
CRM Software Applications
The key to stability in today's dynamic marketplace is in forging long-term relationships with customers. Technology is changing at such a fast pace today that by just offering a service or a product a business wont be at an advantage for too long. A customer-facing business is one in which the customer can demand and receive what he wants.
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