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Outsource Transcription Services

Transcription has been the most appropriate answer for the need for documentation in businesses. Transcription helps you keep a complete and exact record of important information. With transcribing, all critical discussions, meetings and discourses are documented for future references.

Outsource2india brings you a comprehensive spectrum of transcription services that encompass the transcription of seminars, reports, briefs, commercials, panel discussions, lectures, radio shows, conferences, press briefings, conference calls and lectures.

Why outsource transcription?

Cost effectiveness most convincingly answers the 'why' of transcription outsourcing. While you would have to spend a fortune to get transcription services in your country, an Indian company like Outsource2india, can help you save a great deal and increase your bottom line.

Read how transcription companies can help your business.

Along with the huge cost benefits, India's talent pool has won accolades. Moreover, when you can get an entire range of transcription needs met under one umbrella of services, why not outsource? Choose Outsource2india as your partner for transcription services and make the most of outsourcing!

Transcription at Outsource2india

At Outsource2india, we are committed to quality and efficiency with a staunch belief in providing the most beneficial services for our transcription customers. We follow three major transcription processes:

  • Regular transcription process
  • Web based transcription process
  • Remote log in transcription process

These processes make it easy for you to send your files to us as well as streamline our work for high quality output.

As our general transcription customer, you just need to send us your audio/video files that need to be transcribed. We will transcribe the files, run the transcribed text through our stringent quality assurance process and send you the final output in an email, PDF or any format that you would prefer.

We also undertake live transcription for events and meetings. We can handle any volume of transcription requirements across any formats of files including mp3, wav, mp4, aiff, and mpeg4 amongst others. Apart from an experienced team of transcribers we have a dedicated proof reading team and a quality assurance team to work on your transcription project.

The gamut of transcription services from Outsource2india

We also assign country specific teams to cater to UK transcription, Italy transcription, Canada transcription and Philippines transcription amongst others.

Choose Outsource2india for transcription services

Over the past decade, Outsource2india has extensively served the back office needs of companies throughout the world. Our clients vouch for our price, quality and turnaround time. Here are some of the benefits that you can leverage from Outsource2india with our transcription services. Make the most of it!

  • Guaranteed security and confidentiality of digital documents, audio/video files and any kind of information shared with us
  • Proficient transcribers who have experience in working for our global customers – good understanding of regional influences, slangs, cultural differences etc
  • 24/7 transcription services and customer support
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Error-free and accurate transcribing ensured by our quality assurance team
  • Competitive prices that assure you almost 60% savings on operating costs
  • A Free Trial Offer that you can avail of before you decide to outsource to us

You can bank on our specialized transcription services and concentrate on your core businesses. We assure you a successful outsourcing experience with Outsource2india.

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