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Latest Update from Microsoft on Windows XP -

"April 8, 2014 - Microsoft announced END OF SUPPORT to Windows XP"
"Microsoft warns against Windows XP Security update hack"

This is a cause of concern, as -

17 years old Windows XP, is still the world's second most popular operating system.
28% PCs and 10% large organizations across the world still run on Windows XP.
Most ATM machines still run on Windows XP.

If you still use Windows XP, and want to move to a secure platform, we can help!

Migrate and Upgrade XP to Windows 7

As a business, you would never want to compromise on your client's confidential data; therefore, hanging on to Windows XP, without any security updates from Microsoft, is a huge business risk you cannot afford to take. Moreover, as Microsoft has officially ended the support for Windows XP, it becomes all more reasonable to upgrade your OS to a better alternative.

By availing Outsource2india's Windows XP to Windows 7 migration, or Windows XP to Windows 8 migration services, you can be assured that all your data and information is moved to a new and secure data environment, thereby eliminating all risks related to data theft, data loss, or data breach.

Windows XP Migration Tool for Windows 7 or Windows 8 Upgrade

At Outsource2india, we believe that efficient deployment of hardware, application and software is the key to Windows migration. Therefore, we practice an all-encompassing approach to Windows migration, ensuring that all aspects of the migration process are covered, and the process is hassle-free for our clients. Our team is well-versed with the supporting Windows XP migration tools like Windows Migration Assistant and follows a comprehensive migration deployment mechanism, which allows us to upgrade your business smoothly from Windows XP to a more recent and robust version - Windows 7, or Windows 8, or Windows 8.1.

We provide an extremely comprehensive and cost-effective migration process. Our Windows XP migration service covers:

  • User account migration
  • Secure data migration
  • Individual user application migration
  • Individual user policy migration
  • Identification of hardware replacement/upgrade necessities

Our 6-Step Process for Hassle-free Windows XP Migration

  1. Efficient migration methodology

    We take a deployment approach that is very central to our core philosophy - i.e. taking a measured, well-thought yet fast-paced approach to our client work

  2. All-encompassing migration process

    Our experts have formalized a step-by-step process to identify each and every road-block during the migration process, and devised a quick remedial solution to overcome those challenges. This modular yet holistic approach has won us many laurels from various industry experts

  3. Experienced migration team

    We have on board a widely acclaimed team of experts who have worked on areas such as Windows security, and possess OS migration expertise on multiple platforms

  4. Automation

    In order to facilitate users to migrate to a superior OS with limited or nil support of our hands-on technicians, we have automated the migration process, which includes various steps of the PC build process, like applications, base image, domain join, encryption, OS settings, user data migration, etc.

  5. Track device readiness while implementation

    Our cloud-based client deployment manager application is responsible for tracking and managing the user change management during the entire migration schedule

  6. Post-migration training and support

    Our team not only guarantees successful XP to Windows 7 migration, but also provides you and your business with the post-deployment support that is often hard to find in the industry. We educate your workforce and give your team the much needed support in properly comprehending the new system

Ethical Responsibility

We take great pride in providing our clients with the best business propositions, and world-class Windows XP migration services. At the same time, we consider it is our responsibility to safeguard the private and confidential business critical data and sensitive information clients have entrusted us with. We take our ethical responsibilities very seriously, and you can be assured that you are working with the most reliable and quality focused team in the Windows migration domain.

Outsource your Windows XP Migration Requirements to O2I

At Outsource2india, we believe in empowering our clients with the best-in-class migration services and solutions, and work towards achieving their objectives with utmost sincerity. This ownership-for-work approach is evident in all the services we offer, including our Windows XP upgrade services. Our Windows migration service has been hailed by industry experts as the most cost-effective yet streamlined Windows migration effort in the industry.

We know what it takes to create a powerful and flexible mobile app. By outsourcing your mobile application development you get our best creative efforts, save costs and achieve better quality.

Contact us now, and to talk to our professional XP migration team, and move your critical business data to a more secure and reliable platform!

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