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Outsource Claims Processing Software

Software plays a significant role in simplifying business operations. Processing claims is an important and cumbersome operation in any healthcare practice. The operations of your healthcare practice can be simplified to a great extent with the offshore claims processing software services that we provide at Outsource2india. In order to process claims without many hindrances, you can opt for our high-quality claims processing software solutions. While several companies across the globe have appreciated our timely claims processing software services, many healthcare practices have considerably improved their business operations with our software solutions.

Outsource2india's Claims Processing Software Solutions

We offer claims processing solutions that address the requirements of processing claims accurately. By using Java and J2EE technologies, we are able to provide flexible and scalable claims processing solutions to our customers (healthcare companies). By outsourcing your medical claims processing software requirements to us, you can benefit from reduced costs, improved customer service and maximized productivity.

Features of Our Distinct Services

  • We use relational technology that is based on ANSIX12 standards
  • Accurate, innovative and customized claims processing solutions
  • Specialized software solutions to suit the specific needs of every healthcare practice
  • We use high-end J2EE claims processing applications
  • Easy to use and integrated claims processing software - you can also integrate some of your distinct in-house processes with our claims processing solution and streamline your operations.
  • Contains functions such as accounts receivable, EMR software and claim validation for different requirements like behavioral health, drug and alcohol programs, mental health clinics, etc
  • High-quality standards: Our claims processing software is in compliance with the following:
    • ANSI - American National Standards Institute
    • ASC - Accredited Standards Committee
    • HIPAA - Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
    • ANSI 837 Dental
    • ANSI 837 Institutional
    • ANSI 837 Professional
    • ANSI 835 Remittance
    • GAAP – Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
    • HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)
  • A special feature of our claims processing software solution helps you submit innumerable direct claim transmissions.
  • Can also enable bulk claim creation for government payers, insurance carriers and clearing houses.
  • Minimizes errors in claims submissions with the built-in claims editing feature.
  • Our claims processing software can easily operate on Microsoft Office applications.
  • Has pre-configured reports like collection, patient, payer and managed care program reports.

Get the Outsource2india Advantage

  • Reliable software solutions at cost-effective rates
  • Core tam of skilled and qualified software professionals with several years of experience in providing claims processing software services
  • Stringent quality control processes as our services are compliant with various industry standards
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Customer support available 24x7
  • You can focus on delivering better patient care with our claims processing solutions

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