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The Mac in India

Outsourcing DTP, graphic design, book cover design or other work that is to be done in InDesign or Quark and requires using a Macintosh.

One has to look hard to find a Macintosh in India. As India was emerging as a computer user, the Mac was declining. Also the Mac has always been too expensive in India. As a result it never took off and it is rare to see.

However, if you go to the Forum mall in Bangalore you can not only see one, but buy one. Apple has opened up a retail store and carries a full line of Macs. They are about 30% more expensive than in the USA but at least they are available.

We are aware of the huge legacy use of the Mac in the USA and Europe and know that it is still commonly used, especially for graphic and publishing work. We know that many services bureaus and printers are using the Mac and many companies have documents, magazines, fonts, software, software plug-ins and other investments in the Mac. These reasons convince us that it is wise to support the Mac here in India.

The way to make outsourcing simple is to use a common platform between the customers and vendor. This makes for an easy flow of documents back and forth without having any glitches or incompatibility problems. For example, it is very helpful for an Indian and American company who are working together on a DTP project to both be using a Mac so that the fonts are compatible.

Please contact us if you have DTP, graphic design, book cover design or other work that is to be done in InDesign or Quark and requires using a Macintosh. We can provide a quote and describe how you can take advantage of the outsourcing opportunity.

Don't give up on the Mac. However, if you do decide to convert we can also help you convert some of your documents. For example, remember Ready Set Go? Well, that was one of the most popular DTP software during the late 80s. We can extract the text from this and place it into Indesign or Pagemaker for PC and send it back to you.

Contact us at Outsource2india and allow us to manage your entire project for you. Even if you are not ready to outsource yet, but are interested in finding out more, please get in touch with us. Our Client Engagement team will contact you within 24 hours, or by the next working day.

Please contact Outsource2india here with your outsourcing requirements.

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