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Outsource Intellectual Property Services

No matter what industry you are in, it is important to actively protect your intellectual property, ensuring that what you are developing is unique and not infringed in any part of the world, as a whole, or some part of another patent. Intellectual property protection requires careful research of the existing patents to ensure that no similar patents already exist, and that your products are wholly unique under the law.

At Outsource2india, we offer four distinctive types of intellectual property services:

Patent Search

Extensive research of similar products, chemical structures and industries to make sure that your new product can be patented without any hassles

Patent Analysis

In depth review of the technology and the landscape used behind existing patents. Overview of competing patents, analysis of your industry needs, and information on the available options are also a part of this step

Patent Drafting

The intellectual property team, scientific team and subject matter experts consult with specialized patent agents before reviewing and drafting the patent

Patent Prosecution

Complete patent prosecution that includes pre-grant prosecution and post-grant prosecution. The patent, with the specification will be filed with the PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty)

Our comprehensive patent research and analysis services can ensure that your new pharmaceutical product is unique and withstands any scrutiny it draws from the industry during or after development. We can effortlessly handle worldwide patents, as our intellectual property team has many years of experience in providing detailed reports of the potential risks and the possible opportunities in the field of Intellectual Property.

Our Intellectual Property Services

  1. Patent Search

    The first step in the development of any new pharmaceutical drug/product is to perform in-depth research and determine whether the product is viable and has selling proposition in the market or not. It needs to be taken care that the product is unique enough to obtain a free-standing patent and does not infringe on any other products still under a patent.

    Our patent searching/research services aim at conducting a thorough search of related products and industries to ensure that your new development is patentable and there are no similar chemical structures being used for the same medical purposes. We use customized search criteria along with a multi-stage process to review the entire patent database in multiple international territories, and to check for possible matches. This includes infringement searches, validity searches, and clearance searches for your new development.

  2. Patent Analysis

    A major part of our intellectual property services is patent analysis. We perform thorough patent analysis by reviewing both the technology behind existing patents, and the landscape of the industry into which it was developed. We also offer:

    • A thorough overview of your competitors
    • Careful analysis of your specific needs in the industry
    • Research on what options are available for you based on your current research
    • Patent drafting services in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as in the fields of engineering, biotechnology, and chemistry
  3. Patent Drafting

    Patent drafting is yet another important part of our intellectual services. It is performed by subject experts after consulting with specialized patent agents. Inputs are taken from the intellectual property team, the scientific team and the clients before actually reviewing the patent to be drafted. We provide patent drafting services for any type of industry, be it Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Biotechnology, Engineering, Software, or Business methods. We perform patent drafting for the US, Europe, Japan and India, as per the requirements of the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT).

  4. Patent Prosecution

    We offer patent prosecution that includes pre-grant prosecution which involves negotiating with the patent office to grant patent and post-grant prosecution. We will fill in the provisional details and list the complete specifications. We will then file the patent with the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) and the PCT national stage filing in India. Additionally, we are also capable of performing all the required communications in the patent office located in India, the US, Europe and Japan.

Patent your Intellectual Property at Outsource2india

Whether you have discovered a new protein pattern, or are in the process of developing a new product that requires careful technical analysis to ensure it can be patented, we offer comprehensive intellectual property services that will protect you and your business. At, Outsource2india, you have the option of staffing our intellectual property experts on a full -time basis or for a specific project, to conduct your own research at your premises. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our full range of pharmaceutical research services, from the development of a patent application to in-depth research of your competitors and the potential for infringement issues in the future.

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