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Pharmaceutical Database Services

Biomedical research, which includes Genomics and Proteomics have made tremendous progress in generating new insights for drug discovery. The knowledge thus obtained from drug discovery should be maintained in databases which will enable large volumes of data to be easily analyzed. This requires in-depth database research and technology development to withhold the ever-growing volumes of data.

In the chemistry front, relational chemical databases for the molecules of specific interest obtained through manual literature curation have gained importance. The ability to conduct a search based on substructure/similarity searching methodologies provides ease in the usage of the data.

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Outsource2india offers database development solutions that integrate the tools that we have developed in-house for pharmaceutical data mining. This especially helps in the analysis of published Text Data and in storing data into the database for complex queries. We follow innovative workflow concepts of that enable us to expertly handle the different types of data that are connected for varied queries.

Our intelligent query system coupled with the database is ideal for obtaining compliance from end your users. With the development of customized databases, we now offer customers with flexible data storage and data retrieval options for your pharmaceutical databases. As our customer, you can choose from our services:

Our Services

  • Design and development of customized biological and pharma databases
  • Chemistry database to store compound structure and information with various search options

Types of Pharmaceutical Databases Offered

  • Diabetic Database
  • Integrin Database

Our skilled pharma research experts, on-time delivery and cost-effective services set us apart from other pharma analytics service providers. As our customer, you can be assured of accurate research services, on which you can make insightful business decisions.

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