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Outsource Pharmaceutical Data Analytics

The challenge is to discover the various resources and integrate them to form experimental functionality to be useful to scientists. Newer tools to incorporate advanced algorithms with the ability to integrate and be integrated with other tools can help in data analysis significantly.

Data Visualization is a crucial area for Data Analysis in Bioinformatics. Outsource2india is actively engaged in the creation of a 3D protein structure visualizer which goes beyond the inspection of the structure and include analysis features. The analysis features will include mapping the sequence and fold onto the structure and compare multiple structures by 3D structure superposition. The analysis features will allow molecular mechanics of small molecules or the protein-ligand complexes with multiple force field options.

The following concepts are crucial areas in Data Analysis with respect to Biology and Chemistry Domains.

  1. Artificial Neural Network & Hidden Markov Models.
  2. Sequence Analysis (Genomics and proteomics)
  3. Clustering and Diversity analysis.
    • SSKeys-MiniFingerPrinting (MFP),
    • Euclidean Distance,
    • Tanimato coefficient,
    • DB clustering,
    • k-means clustering
  4. Qualitative and Structural Activity Relationship analysis
    • PCA, Linear and PLS statistical techniques
  5. Micro array Analysis


  1. Clustering and diversity analysis of compound libraries.
  2. Sequence analysis and protein annotation.
  3. Signal processing to process LC/MS or MS-MS data and analysis using various
  4. Statistical techniques.
  5. 3D structure visualization and analysis

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