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Outsource Crystallography Services

Drug Discovery Using Crystallography

The drug discovery process is complex, and requires years of training and thousands of hours of experiments on your target crystal fragments. Most drug discovery processes require crystallography experiments, which in particular, consume a lot of time in providing the necessary details about a single protein.

The huge volume of time and man-hours required for drug discovery, using crystallography makes it harder for smaller pharmaceutical companies, and teams on shoe-string budgets to scale their operations, and perform these meticulous tests.

Our Crystallography Services

At Outsource2india, we offer an extensive range of protein crystal structure determination, and custom protein crystallization services, which includes:

  • Protein characterization
  • Protein production
  • Protein crystallization
  • Protein optimization (Sequence-structure-activity)
  • Gene-to-structure expression, purification, crystallization and structure determination
  • Protein-ligand crystallization and structure determination
  • De novo protein and structure determination
  • Single-crystal X-ray data collection

Why O2I for Crystallography Services?

If you need a professional offshore service provider to handle your crystallography needs in your next discovery phase, due to any constraints, be it budget, time, infrastructure or resources; we, at Outsource2india can help you. We provide comprehensive crystallography services for medical research and pharmaceutical companies, to scale and enhance their pharmaceutical research process.

9 benefits of outsourcing crystallography services to Outsource2india

  1. We offer comprehensive crystallography services by using cutting-edge technology
  2. Our team comprises of highly skilled pharmacists, and researchers with experience in conducting research using crystallography
  3. We have the equipment and resources required to scale your process as rapidly as you want
  4. We utilize and offer extensive security procedures to ensure absolute protection of your data during each step of the crystallography process
  5. We use a proprietary VPN for all data transfers so that you have immediate access to all vital information
  6. We act as a natural extension of your lab instead of just being another contractor
  7. Our image scoring services are highly effective in scoring precipitates, and extracting data from each image that you have captured
  8. We provide comprehensive result annotation services
  9. We customize our lab results to ensure that you have all the required data, expediting the discovery phase

Choose Outsource2india to Enhance Your Research

When you hire Outsource2india to handle your crystallography requirements, you get the expert services of a firm that is focused on ensuring quality in everything it does. Here is what makes us excel among other crystallography service providers:

  • Image Annotation with In-House Tools

    We use fully customizable software that is specially developed in-house to ensure that we can meet all your specifications in every aspect of image annotation services

  • Quick turnaround time

    We ensure all projects are completed as quickly as possible to enhance your research results

  • Manual Annotation procedures

    We use manual annotation procedures to ensure optimum quality in every step of the crystallography process

  • Dedicated team devoted to quality

    Our team is dedicated in maintaining the highest quality standards in each project they undertake, and has been providing crystallography services for years with optimum accuracy

Whether you need a professional help to handle the scaling of your annotations or require a dedicated team for all your crystallography needs, you can trust Outsource2india. Contact us today to outsource crystallography services or learn more about our expertise in pharmaceutical research.

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