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Photo Blending Services
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Real estate photographers often take different photographs of the same location, under different exposure values. These images are then sent to image blending professionals to get a better output. Image blending services like HDR (High Dynamic Range) and Mask blending techniques have gained huge popularity. HDR image can capture greater dynamic range in comparison to standard camera. HDR is a technique where multiple exposures are combined to produce vibrant images.

At Outsource2india, we have years of experience in providing image blending services for real estate customers. We have an experienced, skilled and trained team of photo editors who can efficiently blend two or more exposure bracketed photographs into one image.

Image Blending Services We Offer

Outsource image blending services to O2I and transform your real estate photographs into work of art. We have experience with manual as well as automated blending and are proficient with Enfuse, Enblend and other tools. Our services include -

  1. Color Exposure Correction

    Getting the right color is one of the most challenging aspects of blending the photographs. Our photo blending services ensure that the color balance is precisely adjusted and neutral colors are accurately blended to enhance the richness of the blended image.

  2. Perspective Correction

    Real estate images require correction of columns, vertical edges of lampposts and walls, and various other structures, which are vertical in reality to make it look vertical in the images as well. We provide perspective correction, which help realtors to achieve this. Once you partner with us for real estate photo blending, we will also ensure that lens defects such as chromatic aberration, vignetting, and geometric distortion are also reduced.

  3. Image Bracketing

    Our real estate image blending services also include image bracketing. Here a photograph with the right exposure is created by combining different photos of the same scene with differing flash values, exposure, or white balance.

Image Blending Process: Work Flow

At O2I, we follow a streamlined real estate HDR photo blending process to provide perfectly blended images to all our clients. Following is the secure, step-by-step work-flow process we follow -

Download files from FTP
Blend photos using HDR Technology
Check for errors
Edit the images if required
Quality check
Upload edited files to FTP

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Software We Leverage

At Outsource2india, we have trained digital artists who are adept in Adobe Photoshop CS6 to provide top-quality HDR photo blending for real estate photographs. For manual HDR image blending work, we use Photoshop and provide our customers with aesthetically appealing images. By outsourcing image blending services to O2I, you can be assured of professional image blending services. Some of the advanced image-blending software we leverage include -

  • PTLens to correct perspective, lens pincushion, barrel distortion, chromatic aberration, and vignetting
  • LightMachine to carry out all types of lighting-based adjustments in the photographs, which include virtual lighting, color-based corrections, and other complicated corrections
  • ColorWasher tool is used to correct washed out, faded, and underexposed photographs

Benefits of Outsourcing Photo Blending Services to O2I

Once you outsource photo blending to O2I you can get access to the latest photo editing tools and skilled photo editors, who provide flawlessly blended real estate images. Some of the major benefits of real estate image blending services we offer are -

  • Specialized Adobe Professionals - At O2I, we have a team of highly skilled and well-experienced team of specialized Adobe professionals who provide perfectly blended, high clarity photos
  • Project Security - Right from taking regular back up of your images to encrypting all the communication between us, we follow stringent project security measures to ensure complete security of all your images
  • Cost-effective Pricing - At O2I, we follow a flexible pricing structure to ensure that our clients pay for exactly what they avail. Besides, the pricing structure can be customized based on specific project needs
  • Stringent Quality Systems - We have stringent quality systems in place to monitor project quality at every stage and ensure that the images are blended perfectly
  • Quick Turnaround Time - Committed to ensure that the project calendars remain fixed, at O2I, we perform a careful internal valuation to ensure that we have the required workforce and the necessary tools to complete the project in time

Partner with O2I for Professional Photo Blending Services

Outsource2india is a leading company offering professional photo editing services to global clients for over 20 years now. We offer a variety of top-quality real estate image editing services such as image stitching, real estate photo enhancement, still image enhancement, etc. Our HDR photo blending services ensure that all the images you provide are perfectly blended to create highly appealing photographs. Although you can be assured of quick turnaround time, project security, and cost-effective prices with us, one of the major benefits of photo blending services we provide is uncompromised quality.

Therefore, if you are looking out for world-class image blending services, then just get in touch with us to discuss your needs.

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Decide in 24 hours whether outsourcing will work for you.

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