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5 Wedding Photography Trends to Watch Out for in 2016 and Beyond

Wedding Photography Trends in 2016

With modern technology available at our fingertips, a lot has changed in all aspects of our lives. Photography, especially wedding photography, is one such category that has seen massive technological improvements. In terms of photography in general, we have come a long way from using old-school Polaroid cameras to a variety of digital cameras, DSLRs, and most importantly our mobile phones!

"A picture speaks a thousand words" is a phrase that is most commonly used when it comes to photos or photography. Wedding photos are no different, and in the year 2016, photographers have taken wedding photography to a whole new level! From candid storytelling to film photography using drones, 2016 has seen many new trends when it comes to wedding photography. Let us look at some upcoming trends to watch out for in wedding photography.

5 Latest Trends in Wedding Photography

If you are planning a wedding, or are interested to know more about the latest happenings in the world of wedding photography, our article here would help you achieve just that! Read further to learn more about the five latest trends in wedding photography -

  1. Shooting the Proposal

    The proposal is one of the most important moments for the bride and the groom. In 2016, shooting proposals is a wedding photography trend that has quickly grown, and grooms are now hiring professional photographers to capture the moment where it all started. Most people choose famous locations in their cities such as the Eiffel Tower or Central Park to make and shoot their proposal. This is a great way for married couples to reminisce and cherish these beautiful memories in future.

  2. Social Media-integrated Photo Booths

    Socially connected photo booths are another new trend to watch out for in 2016. It was only yesterday, when you would have to wait for a few days to upload photos you took at a wedding photo booth on social media. However, this year, photo booths with social media integration are making a grand appearance and come fully equipped with Wi-Fi and high-tech touch screens, thereby allowing your guests to upload their pictures on social media platforms, then and there! These photo booths can also be customized in accordance to a wedding theme in mind. Some weddings have selfie stations too!

  3. Wedding Hashtags

    Creating a wedding hashtag is one of the latest wedding photography trends to capture the world's attention. Having your guests use wedding hashtags to upload pictures on platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, allow you to experience the wedding through their eyes. Brides and grooms are creating their own unique hashtags and asking their guests to post their pictures online using the same. Using hashtags while uploading pictures online also makes it easy for guests who could not attend the wedding to see all the candid moments they missed as part of a single timeline.

  4. Story Telling

    Why capture just the moment, when you can tell the entire story? Many people are turning to storytelling rather than just portraying singular moments through pictures. From shooting short movies to planned themed shoots, each couple is coming up with a new way to make sure their wedding is as unique as possible. Wedding photography story telling is gaining popularity and an increasing number of couples are choosing this up and coming trend for their weddings.

  5. Classic Film Photography

    When it comes to digital photography, the actual quality in terms of richness of the photo gets compromised. Many photographers in 2016 are going old school and are using analog cameras and film. With film photography making an impressive comeback, photographers are now finding it easier to capture the finest details, such as the wedding dress that was meticulously crafted to make you look like a million bucks on your big day. These fine details are most often lost when we use digital photography.

In addition to the above creative ideas, watch out for these wedding photography trends in 2016 and beyond -

  • Editorial Style Shots
  • Drone Wedding Photography
  • Smoke Bombs
  • All Black & White Photos
  • "Groomal" photo-shoots to go with Bridal photo-shoots
  • Father-Daughter First Looks
  • Day-After Shoots

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