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Case Studies on Mechanical Engineering Services

We have provided mechanical engineering services to several companies across the globe for over a decade.

Our team of qualified and experienced mechanical engineers is proficient in providing engineering services such as FEA analysis, duct layout designing services, etc.

Read these case studies to find out how our customers benefited from increased productivity, reduced expenses and faster turnaround times.

Provided 2D and 3D Fixture Detailing Services to a Leading Display Manufacturer

O2I team converted hand-drawn creative sketches of beauty studios into 2D and 3D to aid production of the merchandise for a leading Toronto-based display manufacturer.

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Provided AutoCAD Detailing for a Top Toronto-based MNC

Experienced and creative modelers of Outsource2india provided about 75 or more designs in a week in AutoCAD file for conversions and for fixtures in AutoCAD, SolidWorks drawings, and CNC format (machine format).

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O2I Helped a US-based Scaffolding Giant with MTO Detailing from GFC Drawings

Outsource2india supported a US-based scaffolding giant in getting MTO detailing consisting of an accurate and exhaustive list of materials required for the project with the help of good GFC drawings.

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Created Shadow Board Designs for German Manufacturer

Outsource2india created 3D models of shadow boards for a leading German manufacturer using AutoCAD while maintaining a swift turnaround time of just 24 hours. This resulted in 2.5X increase in the total work in 4 months for the client.

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Created 1000+ Furniture Models Per Month for a Leading Online Home Goods Store in America

Outsource2india used 3D Studio Max, Adobe Photoshop, and Illustrator to design 1000+ 3D models of furniture images per month for an American online home goods store at affordable rates keeping in mind the ergonomics and usability.

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Recreated 3D Models of 500 Furniture Images for a Leading Australian Furniture Store

Outsource2india used 3D Studio Max, Adobe Photoshop, and Illustrator to design over 500 different types of furniture in 3D for an Australian store in multiple variants and environments within fast turnaround by employing additional 3D Modelers, Texturing Artists, and Lighting Specialists.

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3D Modeling Support for a Unique Women's Personal Hygiene Product Invented by a Leading American Urologist

Read how Outsource2india helped a leading American Urologist by providing 3D modeling support for a new and unique personal hygiene product for women while ensuring significant cost savings.

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Created Realistic 3D Models of Lighting Solutions for Land and Maritime Use

Read how Outsource2india created life like, hyper realistic 3D models of lighting solutions meant for land and maritime use under extreme environment for a leading Installation provider.

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2D and 3D Modification and Drafting for a Canadian Power Tower Manufacturer

Read how Outsource2india helped a Canadian Tower manufacturer modify the 3D CAD Assembly of tower structures and create the final engineering drawing while effectively reducing the time and effort of output delivery.

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Product Development Services for a UAE Manufacturer

Read how mechanical engineers at Outsource2india helped a UAE client with the manufacturing of coffee vending machine at a short time.

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3D Modeling of Aluminum Cast Products for US-based Engineering Company

Outsource2india created and designed high-quality 3D models of aluminum cast products for a US-based engineering company with accuracy levels of more than 90%.

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Plastic Component Resizing for an Australian Client

A developer of water collection, storage and distribution products in Australia approached Outsource2india for the resizing of a plastic component as part of a new product offering. Read how team at Outsource2india successfully delivered the project in just 23 days with over 90% accuracy.

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Reverse Engineering Services for Manufacturer of Refrigeration Compressors

Find out how a manufacturer and supplier of spare parts for a wide range of refrigeration compressors throughout the UK, Europe and Middle East leveraged on Outsource2india's offshore solution for its reverse engineering needs. The client was able to capitalize on our competency to eliminate superfluous expenses and improve operational efficiency.

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UK Client Saves Big With Our Retail Planning Services

Our expert drafting team created detailed plans for retail stores and supermarkets for our client, who was extremely pleased with our services. Overall, we saved our client over £30,000 every month, and they went on to sign a long-term contract with us.

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FEA Services for a Leading Engineering Services Company

Our professional FEA (finite element analysis) services and Fatigue Analysis services helped a leading engineering services company increase the height of a mass lift from 5 meters to 6 meters. We also helped in achieving a safety factor of 2.

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Detailing Services Provided For A Hydraulic Fixture

A leading engineering services company availed detailing services for a hydraulic fixture. We provided the required services as part of our mechanical engineering services within the turnaround time desired by the customer, using the particular software desired by the customer.

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Analysis, Design and 3D Modeling of Baby Bottle Warmer Prototype

At Outsource2india, we analysed, designed and developed a 3D prototype of a baby bottle warmer which helped the client manufacture it on a large-scale at cost effective rates.

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Duct Layouts Designed in Record Time

A leading duct layout company benefited from our speedy and accurate duct layout services. We helped a duct layout organization in the U.S.A. by providing accurate duct layout designs, well ahead of the deadline.

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Mechanical Design Services for US-based Manufacturer of Food Display Cases

A US-based food display case manufacturer availed significant cost benefits by opting for our mechanical engineering design services. We helped the company handle the customization of products for different customers and markets, besides redesigning products for manufacturing within a fast turnaround time.

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PDF Drawing Conversion to MicroStation Format for a Canadian Company

Our expert 3D conversion team assisted a major Canada-based engineering consultancy with 2D to 3D conversion by using the MicroStation software. We adhered to the pre-defined standards set by the customer and provided them with precise, on-time drawings that could be easily imported.

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Reverse Engineering Services for Manufacturer of Catalytic Converters

Find out how reverse engineers at Outsource2india helped a manufacturer of catalytic converters, universal catalysts and diesel filters, etc. reverse engineer catalytic converter to develop a new design in SolidWorks while saving on costs.

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Listing Piping Instrumentation Indexes for Coastal Refinery

A large American coastal refinery required a fast turnover for listing out piping instrumentation indexes. We designed a low cost solution that effectively catalogued the piping instrumentation indexes and ensured that the P&IDs complied with safety standards.

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DNV Certified Architecture for Modern Shipping Containers

The team at Outsource2india designed exclusive modern shipping containers as per latest DNV standards for a large Egyptian based shipping container manufacturer, which won accreditation by DNV authorities.

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Unification of CAD Systems for an Auto Parts Manufacturer

Outsource2india assisted the customer with unifying their CAD processes into a single system by designing a customized, low-cost and time saving solution which merged the customer's CAD drawings from different platforms into a single, unified CAD design by using Autodesk Inventor 2012.

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3D Design Services for US Based Car Exterior Designer

Our 3D artists designed, modified and customized the latest multi-brand car models, as per the customer's specifications. Wireframe models of the parts with precise dimensions were created and rendered into Autodesk 3DS Max. This made it easy for the customer to make modifications online.

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Multi-view 2D drawings for Automotive Parts Manufacturer

This customer required multi-views 2D drawings to be designed as per ANSI Y 14.5, and requested for a tolerance task analysis and a GD & T to be applied. At O2I, our team of skilled 2D artists completed high-quality 2D drawings for 1000 machine parts in just 4.5 months at competitive rates.

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3D Product Animation Services for a Commercial Seating Company

Our team created 3D product animations for a client along with several other commercial seating functionalities and designs, and helped customer reduce advertising cost by 60%, and increase sales.

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CAD Drawings for Structural Insulated Panel Manufacturer

Read this case study to find out how our professional CAD designers created high-quality CAD drawings for an American structural insulated panel manufacturer, saving $144,000 in costs. The whole project was completed without any time delays, thereby increasing the overall efficiency of the customer's business processes.

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Eurocode Compliant PVC Clad Structure Drawings

Read on to find out how our team of skilled engineers devised an economical configuration for PVC clad structural drawings, while maintaining the original look and feel as requested by the customer. With precise 3D renderings delivered within a very short turnaround time, our client was able to save on costs and abide by all Eurocodes norms.

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Engineering Support & Stress Analysis Services for a US Client

Read this case study to find out how we provided exceptional engineering support services for Detailing, Drafting, Finite Element Analysis and 3D modelling to a USA based client. Our team developed fabrication drawings and stress analysis on a prototype hub crane and ensured that the maximum stress on the lifting tool was less than 83.3 N/mm2.

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Floor Plan Modification Based on Red Line Markups

An established Pennsylvania based contractor hired us to create in-depth floor plan modifications based on red line markups for a shopping mall. We delivered the complete project within a short turnaround time of four days and with 99% accuracy, thereby ensuring complete client satisfaction.

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3D CAD Migration to SolidWorks for a US Client

Read this case study to find out how Flatworld Solutions worked with a US based manufacturer of luxury fittings to provide them with impeccable 3D CAD migration services. Our services allowed them to save almost 40% in costs and a 30% increase in turnaround times.

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  • O2I's Mechanical Engineering team functioned as an extended team for an oil & gas company. We helped them complete the project in record time, resulting in substantial time and cost savings.
  • Our FEA Services team has successfully completed FE Analysis and assisted in validation and certification of equipment used in offshore applications.
  • O2I's Mechanical Engineering team is involved in updating the current database of drawings in different CAD platforms and converting the same to a common CAD platform for a client.
  • O2I's Mechanical Engineering team is working on creation of 2D CAD drawings for a large European food and beverage industry.
  • We are providing Virtual Assistant services for Engineers and Consultants, supporting the in-house Engineering team in gathering Engineering Data for a large mass lift company.
  • Our Engineering team is providing tool design assistance to a large shipping company.
  • We are assisting a precision component manufacturer to convert large volumes of hand sketches to editable CAD files.
  • Our Mechanical Engineering team is assisting a food and beverage company with re-engineering existing machinery and finding better design alternatives.
  • The Mechanical 3D Product Animation team provided a scope break-up for 180 seconds of animation for an engineering consultancy & contracting company.
  • Our CAD services team is providing design and documentation solution to a large precision component manufacturer in the Europe.
  • Our Engineering team is currently executing a Reverse Engineering project for high precision components at our facilities.
  • The Engineering team is involved in concept design of mass lifting components for a large shipping company.
  • Our Mechanical Engineers completed a CAD conversion project for a large consulting firm in record time while also ensuring the highest quality.
  • Our Engineers and styling experts are working on providing assistance to our client in restoring vintage vehicles.
  • The Mechanical Engineering team is updating 3D models and conversion of the same models to different modeling platforms for an F&B company.
  • Our team is helping an automotive company to customize product display of automotive components.
  • The Engineering team at O2I is executing concept design of equipment used in the agricultural industries.
  • We are assisting a large aerospace company in converting a large number of hand sketches to CAD drawings.

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