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Power Quality Monitoring Services

Outsource Power Quality Monitoring Services

Ensure power quality with the help of expert engineers for testing and resolving issues at reasonable rates starting at just $9 an hour

Enterprises today are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of monitoring and enhancing their power supply quality to lower the electricity costs and avoid poor power supply penalty charges. Continuous power quality monitoring and control requires the detailed eye and proficiency of electrical engineers and hiring them in-house may not only prove expensive but may not yield satisfactory results. Instead, outsourcing power quality monitoring services to a partner like O2I enables your company to get the services of the industry's best team of engineers that are adroit in monitoring power supply quality along with providing other related solutions and consulting services.

Our electrical engineers are thoroughly qualified and have many years of experience with power quality monitoring and measurement across varied sectors offering them unique insights into the field. Our team can effectively detect power supply faults and optimize your electrical ecosystem for the elimination of problems, thus, improving the electrical efficiency of your plant or establishment.

Power Quality Monitoring Services

From analysis, investigation, and report preparations, our team offers end-to-end power quality monitoring support solutions to our clients. Our services include -

  1. Fault Location Services

    Fault Location Services

    Our team has expertise in conducting an in-depth site inspection to find out apparent and even the underlying power supply issues with great accuracy. They make use of high-tech PQ monitors and information systems to find fault cases and problem conditions for quicker and effective rectification.

  2. Reviewing Operational Integrity of The Site

    Reviewing Operational Integrity of The Site

    Our team extensively investigates the operational capacity and optimization of your site to identify any discrepancies or faulty practices resulting in poor power quality. The engineering team also highlights safety issues with the plant, if any, causing a threat to the power supply and its quality.

  3. Power Quality Reports

    Power Quality Reports

    Based on the deep analysis, our team builds extensive power quality reports detailing fault problems and recommending their best possible solutions. These reports serve as a guide not just to improve electrical efficiency but for avoiding any power supply errors in the future too.

  4. Fault Correction Assistance

    Fault Correction Assistance

    We offer expert assistance to your technical team to address the system faults effectively and help in establishing better monitoring and control systems for maintaining power supply quality.

  5. Integrating Electrical Data

    Integrating Electrical Data

    For long-term maintenance of the power quality, our technical team integrates advanced electrical data recording tools that automatically log and record data and flag-off the alarm in case of faulty power supply scenarios. In case the data systems are already installed, our team holds expertise in extracting important information from the data to establish the cause behind the detrimental quality of power or any other electrical faults, etc.

  6. Expert Consulting Services

    Expert Consulting Services

    We also offer independent power quality monitoring and maintenance services where our team first understands all your concerns and offers the best recommendations to resolve the power supply or poor power quality issues.

O2I's Work Methodology for Power Quality Monitoring Services

O2I has earned the reputation of a reliable outsourcing power quality monitoring services company and this has become possible due to our strong work ethics and a verified approach towards our process.

Our effective 5-step process typically involves the following phases -


01. Site audit

Our team first conducts site surveillance to be able to define power quality problems for the clients. We identify all specific and random issues, equipment malfunctioning, and run a thorough check-up of your power supply environment


02. Recording power quality data

The engineering team then collects data from predefined locations and for specified durations about the sags, swells, surges, harmonics, and electrical noises, etc., for further review


03. Data assessment

The collected data is then thoroughly studied and analyzed by the technical team


04. Report creation

After careful analysis, a detailed report, with suitable problem-solving solutions, is created


05. Report submission and consultation

The report is then submitted to the client and the team also offers consultation on-demand regarding power quality monitoring and improvement

Sectors / Verticals We Serve

O2I offers Power Quality Monitoring Services to -

Industrial Plants Power Stations

Industrial plants/Power stations

Commercial Establishments

Commercial establishments

Residential Buildings

Residential buildings

Bungalows Apartments


Public Spaces

Public spaces

Shopping Complexes

Shopping complexes

Sports Grounds

Sports grounds

Electrical Products

Electrical products, and more

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Hire O2I as your Power Quality Monitoring Service Providing Company?

  • Affordability of our services

    What makes us truly unique is our combination of high-quality output against cost-effective fee structure. We adopt a flexible and pocket-friendly approach when it comes to service pricing, ensuring that you get top-notch services without going over budget.

  • Top-notch quality services

    We are world-renowned for our best practices and our uncompromised service quality, making us the first choice for large, medium, or small-scale enterprises alike.

  • NETA accreditation

    Outsource2india is a full-service InterNational Electrical Testing Association (NETA) accredited company and holds over 15 years of experience in power quality monitoring services.

  • A qualified team of enthusiastic engineers

    We have a sound backing of more than 300 electrical engineers and technical experts working for us from around the world that are passionate to deliver outstanding results to our clients, every time without fail.

  • Advanced technological support

    Our teams are equipped with best-in-class tools and technological systems enabling them to deliver to their maximum potential.

  • Quick turnaround times

    We are dedicated to timelines and ensure that our team delivers the promised output within stipulated timeframes.

Client Success Stories

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Revit Modeling to a Swiss Architectural Firm

A leading Swiss architectural firm was looking for a Revit modeling service provider. Our team at O2I provided the client with the services within quick turnaround time.

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Revit MEP Services to a UK-based Client

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Hyde Engineering is very satisfied with O2I's services. They have met all our deadlines and exceeded our expectations in quality. We consider them a valuable part of our team.

Spokesperson, Oil exploration company in the US More Testimonials »

Outsource Power Quality Monitoring Services in India

O2I has a team of qualified and experienced electrical engineers that specialize in the identification of system disturbances in the power supply environment. Globally, our team has worked on hundreds of power quality monitoring projects for over 750 clients, establishing us as one of the leading power quality monitoring service providers in the world.

Avail expert advice on power quality monitoring for your electrical systems today. Contact us now.

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