News Scraping Services

News Scraping Services

Gain valuable insights and stay ahead of market trends with our best-in-class news scraping services provided at cost-effective rates

If your profession, job, or business requires you to be aware of the recent information, news, and happenings around the world, scraping is an imperative need for you to monitor and examine. News scraping gives you valuable insights and helps you understand market behavior, trends, etc., assisting you in taking more synchronized and relevant decisions.

Outsource2india is a leading service provider of scraping services, helping professionals and businesses leverage meaningful data from the multiple news sites they want, to drive their strategies.

A vast network of professionals, experts, data engineers, and web scraping specialists work for us, making it possible for us to provide you with the best-in-class scraping services.

News Scraping Services We Offer

With our services, we aim to derive the maximum value of the extracted data from various news sites. Our end-to-end services include -

  1. Market Research

    Market Research

    We help you parse through news sites to acquire data about your industry and market. You can obtain greater insights into the market using this data and develop market intelligence that can give you a substantial edge against your competitors.

  2. Media Reputation Monitoring

    Media Reputation Monitoring

    We have AI-augmented news scraper tools that can extract feedback reviews, videos, articles, comments, etc., to check the reputation of your brand online.

  3. Listing Data Fields

    Listing Data Fields

    We offer scalable and fast news scraper solutions that can extract, list, and compile data from various news data sources including, videos, news timelines, comments, audio, articles, links, podcasts, blogs, etc.

  4. Content Aggregation

    Content Aggregation

    Our automated systems crawl through multiple news sites and arrange the extracted data in relevant digestible portions under multiple categories and sub-categories.

  5. Trend Analysis & Forecast

    Trend Analysis & Forecast

    Our experts examine the collected data from news websites in-depth to understand the current trends and make accurate predictions for future trends.

  6. Data Analysis Solutions

    Data Analysis Solutions

    Along with data extraction, we have expert data analysts who hold years of experience in sieving through tons of data to obtain meaningful value from the same and deliver it in the format of your choice.

  7. Customized Solutions

    Customized Solutions

    At O2I, we have domain expertise in building automated and customized scraper software and tools for companies across industries as per their specifications and business needs.

Our News Scraping Process

Our process includes -


01. Need Assessment

We first understand your business strategy and your requirements


02. Strategy Building

We assign a team


03. Scraping Tool & Software Deployment

We deploy ready-to-use tools or custom-built scraping software for the extraction of data


04. Data Aggregation

The extracted data is then arranged and structured


05. Data Analysis

We also extend our expert data analysis services to derive the maximum value out of the collected data

Other Services You Can benefit from

Reasons to Hire O2I As Your News Scraping Service Provider

We are amongst the leading partners for outsourcing news scraping services. Below we discuss why O2I has an edge over others in the industry -

  • Trusted Partner

    From startups to Fortune 5000 companies, we are trusted by businesses across the world.

  • Fast & Accurate Data Scraping

    We have a phenomenal success rate in providing web scraping services efficiently and at speed.

  • Assured High-performance

    We have one of the lowest latency rates thanks to our highly optimized scraping software and tools.

  • Fully-managed Solutions

    Whether you want standalone services or full-managed services, we are the best choice.

  • Reasonable Cost Structure

    We offer flexible and affordable pricing for our expert scraping services to fit the budget and needs of all businesses.

Client Success Stories

O2I Provided Accurate and Reliable Data Extraction Services to a Consulting Company

O2I Provided Accurate and Reliable Data Extraction Services to a Consulting Company

A leading NZ-based consulting firm contacted us with a requirement for our robust data analysis and extraction services. Our team provided highly reliable, timely, and accurate services to the client.

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Case Study on Online Data Entry for Kansas-based Online Store

O2I Provided the Highest Quality and Timely Data Entry Services to a US-based Enterprise

A clothing retailer from America required high-quality and reliable data entry services. Our team provided highly accurate, timely, and reliable services at competitive rates.

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Outsource News Scraping Services in India


They have been able to learn our procedures quicker than I ever thought possible.

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Do you want to extract information from news and media giants like CNN, BBC, Medium, or from local news sites? We do it all. We have the expertise to deploy ready-to-use tools available in the market as well as develop RPA and AI-focused scraping tools for your business to help you crawl websites and extract the data you want.

data management services today! Get in touch with our experts at Outsource2india to discuss our news scraping services further.

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