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Medical Scribing Services

Outsource Medical Scribing Services

It's a major hassle to scribe surgical notes, discharge summaries, etc. while handing patient care, so let us handle these functions for you at rates starting at $4.5 per read

Medical scribing is the backbone of the healthcare system as they help consulting physicians' record symptoms and prescriptions to patients on an EHR. Unlike earlier days they don't follow physicians into consulting rooms but rather serve virtually through a HIPAA compliant telehealth application. So if you don't wish to get bogged down by manual documentation, outsource Medical Scribing services and let our experts help you prevent burnout and focus on your busy calendar. Our healthcare Scribing services are on par with on-site programs as they are instrumental in keeping the EHR spick and span. This way, every follow-up visit needn't be an exercise for patients to recap the last consultation.

Outsource2india has been hailed as the best Medical Scribing services providing company in India and international healthcare circuits. Our 23 years of experience in healthcare scribing services help us stay ahead of all the latest technology used in data capture. Over the last two decades, we have helped hospitals to eliminate the rote jobs that a physician handles throughout the consultation.

Medical Scribing Services We Offer

Being a top medical scribing service providing company, we have adopted modern values in our business to work at a superb pace and scale whenever needed. We are providers of the best medical scribing services in India because we offer the following medical scribing solutions -

  1. Same Day Chart Completion

    Same Day Chart Completion

    If your practice needs charts completed on the same day, we have you covered with real-time scribing of patient encounter and follow-up encounter. We make sure to avoid errors and inconsistencies within the process by using technology to create factual records with correct interpretations. Working hand in hand with a Medical Scribing services company brings you the best value in terms of bandwidth to increase patient consultation and compliance.

  2. Experienced Global Virtual Scribes

    Experienced Global Virtual Scribes

    If you want Indian-based or scribes from any other region who are familiar with global healthcare landscape, we offer healthcare scribing services that are handled by professional & experienced remote agents to strategically comply with your country's healthcare laws. Our remote scribe ensures that you have the uninterrupted experience to serve in the interest of patients.

  3. Template-driven Transcription

    Template-driven Transcription

    Being a trusted medical scribing service provider, we understand that most physician-patient interaction relies on discretion and we don't flout the protocols that place you or the patient at risk. So information such as medical history, referrals, patient instructions, and critical care events are all recorded in a template provided by the custom EHR to ensure the data is maintained as per the prescribed HIPAA standards.

Virtual Medical Scribing Process We Follow

By outsourcing medical scribing services, you no longer will be burned out by your daily schedule of reporting. This will let you and your professionals dedicate time to patient care and give immense satisfaction through the touchpoint experience. Above everything else, our offsite medical scribing services are free of errors and follow your tailor-made pattern. Our basic process is as follows.


Your EHR tool will be accessed by our healthcare scribings before a scheduled visit by the patient to prepare the day's chart


Our scribe is alerted via a healthcare app when the physician is ready to begin consultation. A real-time session is opened onwards


After preparation of patient notes, it would be reviewed by the consulting physician and if needed, modified to ensure accuracy


After a day's chart is prepared and approved by the consulting physician, we will sign off the process


Reports will be made for physician or practice to follow up on the number of sessions covered and to keep track of the project

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Medical Scribing Services to Outsource2india?

Outsourcing healthcare scribing services to O2I lets you flee from the daunting task of filing documents to EHR. The rote functions are relieved from your roster and placed into the scribe's bucket. This way, you can be invested in patient care rather than admin roles. Today, we dominate the healthcare segment as a medical scribing services in India because we have to be consistent in our effort. Here are the merits of working with us -

  • Certified Medical Scribing Services Company

    Outsource2india is a HIPAA and ISO 9001:2015 certified medical scribing service providing company adhering to ISO standards

  • Data Security

    Your data is accounted for from tracked in the Cloud environment to avoid misplacing critical data or a total loss due to uneventful incidences. We ensure that your data is never at risk.

  • High Accuracy and Quality Service

    We go to great lengths to take care that the quality of healthcare scribing services is consistent.

  • Pocket-friendly Pricing Options

    You'll find much of our medical scribing services affordable as we work remotely to capture the data using inexpensive methods.

  • Modern Infrastructure

    We are equipped with modern infrastructure to make scribing lightning-fast and efficient. We have remote connection facilitators and secure networks that are guarded by proprietary security layers.

  • Short Turnaround

    We know time is of the essence in the healthcare landscape, so we scribe your patient's medical records with agility so more consultations can take place in a day.

  • Scalability

    We help you scale the project if you prefer to add more bandwidth to your existing capability. We assign more agents who are equal if not better in technology awareness and the ability to cover more consultations.

  • Experienced Team of healthcare Scribing Agents, Project Managers, IT Personnel

    We make no exception in vetting our team of medical scribes. We evaluate certification, qualification, and prior experience before project onboarding.

  • Round-the-clock Availability

    You can reach our team of customer support agents to pass on your queries and get a response the same day. We assure you to hear your concerns carefully and provide a relevant response.

Client Success Stories

Case Study on Translation and Transcription of Audio Files for Healthcare Services Provider

Translation and Transcription of Audio Files for Healthcare Services Provider

Outsource2india's team of audio transcription professionals transcribed and translated audio content for a reputed US-based healthcare services provider in English and Spanish languages.

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Case Study on Medical Transcription Services Delivered to a Doctor in Australia

Medical Transcription Services Delivered to a Doctor in Australia

We offered precise audio transcription support to a physician in Australia. Close to 100 audio files of varying lengths were transcribed at a moment's notice. The successful outcome of this project helped us score more transcription projects.

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I am very impressed at the ease and the speed of the dictation service. They worked to my schedule and delivered well. I am very happy with the quality of the dictation work. Bernard (Sales Manager) was always prompt with replying as well as professional at all times. I would highly recommend this service to my clients and my colleagues. I am very happy with the quality of the dictation work and look forward to working with Outsource2india in the future.

Dr. Alan Lim,
Independent Doctor
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Outsource Medical Scribing Services to Outsource2india

Outsource2india is a trusted provider of medical scribing services in India with a service network spanning 140+ nations worldwide. Our unwavering commitment to ensure superb patient experiences via transcription services makes us a standard choice for providers and healthcare institutions. We have achieved the strong support of clients who have outsourced medical scribing services. with over 180+ projects under the belt, we are constantly innovating to serve with great velocity. Our cost-effective healthcare Scribing services bring meaningful results to your needs from the get-go.

If you want quick scribing of medical records, get in touch with us. We will provide a quick quote.

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